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  • With a legacy spanning over four decades at Shelter we believe in curing naturally. Our extensive range of herbal remedies have cured millions around the world, safely and effectively. Shelter made a small beginning in 1965.
  • Today Shelter stands tall as one of the most trusted name in herbal remedies. To keep pace with changing times, today Shelter isn’t just about our passion to help human beings lead healthier lives, but also about an aggressive, professional approach that combines extensive research and development with state-of-the-art technology.
  • At Shelter, our mission is to serve our customers with safe, superior and cost-effective natural remedies, through continuous education and research.
  • Keeping this in mind, we hope to contribute significantly to the continued superiority of Indian Natural Health system, worldwide.  

Logo Story

  • At Shelter, our logo depicts our approach towards the Nature remedies that has cured millions around the world, safely and effectively.
  • A mix of vibrant colours used in the logo reflects our diverse, skills and progressive outlook.
  • Each quadrilateral comes with a leaf depicting our close tryst with nature while the unequal sizes are representative of our diversity.
  • The colour green comes from nature, The cool blue exudes harmony, yellow depicts the earth from where we source our natural herbs whilst red-brown signifies our dynamic and rapidly growing organization.
  • The logo unit as a whole communicates our New & Modern Approach and a Fresh Perspective towards Ayurveda
  • At Shelter we call it A window to modern Ayurveda.


Cool Blue exudes Harmony


Red-Brown signifies our dynamic and rapidly growing organization


Green comes from the Nature


Yellow depicts Earth from where we source our Natural Herbs

In order to meet our Mission and Achieve our Vision, We must

Our success will be measured by customer satisfaction.
These quality objectives are being reviewed for continuing suitability, on an annual basis.