Ingredients :Palash
English Name :Palas, Dhak, Dak, Flame Of The Forrest, Kesudo
Latin Name :Butea Frondosa
Chemical constituents:

Flower mainly contains Butrin, butein and butin. Flovonoids and Steroids. Also Coreopsin, Isocoreopsin, Sulphurein and other Glycosides. Flower also has Chalkones and Aurones responsible for its bright color. Roots contain Glucose, Glycine and some Aromatic compounds. The composition of the leaves varies with the place of origin. Analysis of leaves shows they contain protein crude fibers, minerals, calcium and phosphorus. Seeds have 18 percent of fat, 19 percent of Albuminoidal substances and 6 percent of Glucose.


Uses in HAIROL: · Improves memory, act as a rejuvenator and helpful in removing stress and anxiety. · Contains cooling and Anthelmintic properties. · Traditionally used for fragrance, and its flowers are used in fragrance industry. · Prevent hair loss.

Uses in Wormokill n Wormishel: • It has cooling and anthelmintic properties. It can act as a rubefacient and anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the number of harmful worms by a large extent and helps keep the body healthy.

Uses in Happy Forte: Improves mental and physical energy, improves the confidence and enhances performance. It cures sexual problems effectively in combination of other drugs

Uses in Diabeton: It is used traditionally For diabetes mellitus